Sunday, 8 August 2010

Drama drama drama....

Right well in the last week my life seems to be consumed in drama, I often joke and say I feel like I accompanied by my friends could create a juicy episode of the Hills (which I love)!! But NO joke me and my friendlings have enough material to complete an entire series..... (Thanks to Mtv for the image)

It all started when a friend who we shall refer to as 'bob' thought it was ok to go around cheating on her boyfriend who is not at home a lot due to his profession. The reason I'm not giving too much information away is because I do not want more drama to kick off if certain people read this. So anyway 'bob' has gone about cheating on her boyfriend and for arguments sake lets give him a name too... 'innocent'!

On a recent night out 'innocent' came across two friends (I was not there but I am telling the events as they have happened). Were all friends together due to going to the same school together so 'bob' and co will often see 'innocent' and co out and stop say hi have a chat etccc.

Sooo 'bob' of course wasn't on this night out, I'll cut the jibbi jabba out but basically 'innocent' only recently got back with 'bob' and was saying how pleased he was to be back together. And two individual friendlings broke the news that 'bob' had cheated more than once.

As you can imagine the shit well and truly hit the fan, 'bob' and 'innocent' were due to go on holiday together this week of course this was cancelled, 'innocent' finished it all and pretty much went on a rampage.

By rampage I don't mean mad I mean texting and calling people to ensure what he'd been told was true. And of course all of it was, what sick individuals would go as far to create something so in depth such as this up!!

Anyway between 'bob' and friendlings crossed words were said, texts and phone calls made, deletion of friendship off facebook and general unpleasant exchanges.

'Bob' was left stranded in england as 'innocent' jet setted off alone on the holiday they were suppose to share, however no pity or sympathy will be felt from me, she caused this drama and has no one but herself to blame for her crumbling life.

Not only has 'bob' isolated herself from friends but she's also lost her boyfriend as a result as well!

I hope I have entertained those of you that love the drama, I'm just pleased to say usually the drama is around me and not about me and I hope it stays that way.

Just remember you can't eat your cake and have it to!
Anymore drama will be updated on here asap!! I'm sure there will be more to fill you in on.

Much love x x x x x x

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