Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bang on trend

I know I only blogged last night but felt I had enough material to go ahead and blog again tonight, I have been flicking through the weekly magazines today and also online shopping with my eyes of course! I enjoy lusting over something and then when you finally get it you appreciate it so much more but recently my lust for some shorts got too much and I was about to give way and buy them. And then what do you know it, my size is sold out! I even bookmarked the website I was that keen haha!

The shorts would of been ideal for wearing with pumps to my upcoming work experience. I have never really got into wearing shorts but I have seen this particular pair featured in a lot of magazines and I thought they looked quite flattering. So at the moment I am disappointed to say I didn't get one of my lust items but here's hoping they re-stock!! I have put the information
in for those of you who care to indulge in the lusting :)

Whilist I was browsing on the Topshop website I came across a small feature on leopard print, it interested me as I recently treated my self to a Suzy Smith leopard print handbag (naughty I know but it had to be done!) Here is the link to the feature: http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaticPageDisplay?catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&brdcrmb_trail=&identifier=ts2-weekly-leopard&intcmpid=W_FEATURE_FLP_UK_WK51_LEOPARD_FASHION_FORECAST

Below I am pictured holding the bag at arms length, the quality of the picture isn't great as I took it with my web cam so sorry about that. Also is the article on how even a leopard print accessorise could brighten an outfit and bring it bang up to trend... It can be found on the Topshop website if you care to take a closer look but its worth investing in one piece of leopard
print to enhance your wardrobe if you dare to! I for one am glad I invested in the handbag, my weakness is handbags, shoes and watches!

I am now on the lookout for the next lust item while hoping they will either re-stock those shorts or I will stumble across them in store somewhere. In Look magazine this week I noticed a pair of smartish narrow legged trousers that are a must have from Dorothy Perkins at £28. I plan to take a trip into my nearest shopping centre on Thursday for a bit of late night shopping so I am hoping to get my hands on a pair. They are definitely the sort of trousers that need to be tried on though so I will post a picture if I end up purchasing them but until then I will leave you in suspense.
Hope you enjoyed reading my late night blog...
Much love
x x x x


  1. i LOVE this bag. that is all xx

  2. Haha you know how much I love a bag :) couldn't resist x x