Monday, 30 August 2010

The bob and innocent show continues...

Pictured is the outfit I wore last night, not too sure about what all the dust particles are about sorry! But it was a sequin number, a bit of razmdaz haha! I hope you like.

Well the bob and innocent scenario came to a grinding head today. I was finally confronted (over facebook of course) because saying things behind a screen is a far better way of releasing your frustrations right?! No I don't think so. Anyway bob went about contacting me and accusing me of talking about her when I was out last night (i have nothing better to do you see).... this of course is a load of BS to put it mildly. I really couldn't give a damn about what the girl is doing and who she is doing it with.

So I of course defended myself and said it as it was, through her cheating and lying actions she has lost a lot of people who were important to her in her life. She managed to alienate her 'friends' by forcing us to live this lie and then as a result she lost the boy she 'loved' who she was also keeping all the lies from. Despite this I don't want people to get the wrong impression of me as I usually don't fall out with many people (painting a great picture of myself I know). I have always been weary of bob though even from a young age back in secondary school. I don't know about you but there always seems to be that one girl that you want to trust but something tells you to be careful, and she is it. Now her true colours have finally shone through and people can see her for what she really is.

I hope this is the last blog I write about bob and innocent, as it must be boring you as it is beginning to bore me! Who needs Eastenders or Hollyoaks when you have your own real life dramas playing out in front of your eyes?! I hope innocent can move on from this chapter of his life and take it on the chin that it wasn't meant to be...

Anyway enough said about all that, it's now 2 weeks until I start my work experience at Women's Own magazine im tres excited about it! I am going to be staying in London with a family friend for a few days (she's actually a personal shopper in Selfridges) so I'm hoping she might show me around London and the places to be! I would love to do a spot of shopping in London also but time wise I don't know if it's going to be possible. I am scheduled to work 10am-6pm days so will see if I can squeeze a little mosey round the shops during my time there!

I don't really have much other news but thought the drama update was necessary, here's to moving onwards with life and leaving those people who bring unnecessary problems and baggage behind. It's sad to say but people move on and grow up its just the way life is, its just horrible to think its been done in such an unpleasant way...
I will leave you with a few snaps of Sunday (last nights) night out! Hope you enjoy marvelling at the outfits, I seem to be a flapper when it comes to getting ready these days throwing outfits around the bedroom and flinging shoes in the hall in complete despair and desperation as to what to wear! I think this indicates it's time for a wardrobe re shake!!! Although I don't think the parentals with be best pleased with this outcome as my clothes are already in the spare room along with supplies of handbags, belts and shoes! But hey hoe!

Anyway until next time,
Much love x x x


  1. love your outfit :)

  2. Thanks it was cheeky number from New Look before christmas!
    I will check out your blog and follow :) x x