Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Back to reality

The drama seems to have calmed since my last update, bob is no longer a part of my life or any of my friends! I had a great few days recently when I took a road trip down to Southampton, it was one of my best friends and also house mates birthday Ryan.. He was celebrating his tweenteen (he's a bit touchy about no longer being a teenager) birthday. And a messy time was had by all, if I say dancing on the kitchen worktops you can probably understand just how messy it was. We well and truly christened our house :)

I purchased a new dress for the occasion (it had to be done) a white lacy number (i will attach a picture for those of you who may care to see), which I later found was bang on the lace trend of white/cream dresses (similar to wedding dresses in a way) which was featured in Look magazine. I apologise for the belt not being centrally positioned I was under the influence at this stage lol. So I felt relatively pleased with myself after finding that out, I don't tend to follow trends but I buy pieces that suit me and my figure. Like I would not touch a maxi dress as being 5ft 2" I know it would drown me, and skyscraper wedges COULD potentially save such an outfit but I think wearing stilts really is too far haha!

The other outfit of the weekend also featured lace and was borrowed kindly off my sister who is due to return from Thailand after a extended months holiday!! I will attach a picture of this dress also but credit goes to her for this one! Here I am pictured with the birthday boy looking dashing!! The friday night was the warm up for the big saturday night out but both ended up extremely messy!

I love taking short breaks or weekends away as they are always a chance to bring out the best clothes you've been saving for sometime. This year I've had the chance to get a few weekends away to different uni's, I've been to Bournemouth and also Louroughbourough! But I'm hoping next uni year (which commences in a matter of weeks) I will be taking far more road trips as two of my best friends are starting uni this year: one at Bucks and one at Middlesex..

I was reclutant to return back to 'asbo' langley after a truly amazing weekend away, but it's not long until I'm back to uni now. I have some work experience at Women's Own magazine (which is very exciting) on the 13th September for a week and then I'm back to uni for Freshers week!

I've already been thinking about potential outfits for my work experience, the first day I plan to go very smart and then just see what everyone else wears from
there on. I was thinking cute dresses with tights depending on the weather or I have smart trousers which go with most tops. Any ideas then go ahead and share?? Also I am currently in the process of trying to grow my hair, I haven't had it cut for a long while so I'm planning on trying to get it to grow. There is a picture to show how long it currently is, it seems to differ in length as to how curly it is, how annoying!!!

Anyway until next time,
Much love
x x x


  1. After two internships this summer, I would sayyy, dress casual/smart with more emphasis on casual and make you wear comfy shoes! xxx

  2. Thanks for the advice, comfy shoes definitely are a must! x x