Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Sorry for the lack of loving, life always seems so hectic... Since my last post I have been to crete with my best friend, it was great just chilling and sunbathing (of course)! Also went out to London for a friends birthday, I still don't know what to think about it.. I had a good time but I didn't get how we were able to get into the club and drink for free?? If anyone would care to enlighten me on how this works then feel free to help me out, because I certainly seem to be struggling.

Other than that I have been busy organising my life, our university house which I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about in the following months is now ours. From monday rent goes out once a month :( and we have a beautiful four bedroom house/flat to call our own. I don't know if you would class it a flat as it has stairs?? But whatever it is its now ours.. mine and three other lucky individuals that have the joy of living with me again for another year!

Im off to cornwall on sat with the rents and pooch (bailey boo) for a week of relaxing I plan to take Alan Carr with me, not literally I think he may protest if I did that but his autobiography. Reading the blurb was enough to get me to read his book, I love him already from watching Chatty Man but I think I fell a bit further when I read a bit of his book!

Until next time, I promise it wont be as long
Much love x x x

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