Sunday, 17 April 2011

Russell Brand Reveals All..

I am a big fan of Piers Morgan's Life Stories show and last night I indulged in his latest instalment that featured Russell Brand.

I have always been curious as to Russell's outlandish lifestyle and how he got where he is today and I was intrigued to find his lack of father figure is partly to blame for his wild lifestyle. I never really pondered the thought of how a lack of parenting could affect your life so much, but I guess it's your parents who help mould you into the person you become. And then its up to you and the paths you choose that depend on where you end up in life.

Russell was adamant that he was different from a young age, he was rebellious and found himself breaking the law a lot. I also didn't realise he was tee total as well as drug free now living a 'clean' lifestyle. He almost seems to have done a full circle in terms of lifestyle from being a drug addict to being happily married. But it made me question whether someone can truly change....

Yes he seems to have got the drug use and alcohol abuse out of his system but who's to say it actually ever leaves your system... If you've been inclined to go there before, what will stop you revisiting it, in those moments in life when it all gets too much or you find out devastating news. As a former addict will you always be walking a tightrope of temptation avoiding stumbling if not falling off all together...

So I wonder what you think, is being 'clean' a life long cure or will you find yourself revisiting your guilty habits.

What do you think? I am curious to know other peoples thoughts about this.

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