Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Guilty Pleasure


So I have decided to make my blogging a regimental staple in my life. So once a week hopefully each Thursday I will have a 'Guilty Pleasure' which will be something I am lusting over or want to admit looking at!!!

So to kick this sector of my blog off I went to Brent Cross last week and was having a wonder around Fenwick store and stumbled into All Saints.. Not a shop I usually look in if I'm honest, everything seems to be either made with a cowl neck or excess fabric both of which I'm not overly keen on!!

So anyway I was wondering around when I came across them gem of a find amongst the layers of fabrics. This skirt is a really statement piece and the photo really doesn't do it justice. It is hand embellished to create the wonderful 'tribal' design.

Of course the down side is that this skirt sets you back a little at £165. However I really do think it's one of those garments that could be worn time and time again guaranteed to back an impact every time.

This is the link if you want to browse your self:|coral/wsk006-2479
It also comes in a darker colour way.

Please do let me know what you think of this skirt and whether it is worth the investment, I am not looking to purchase it anytime soon but I may be looking for it onEbay when it's no longer in the shops.

Also just a quick mention about an online site I found today whilst browsing its called: it really is worth a look if your looking for something quirky!!

Until next time keep shopping!! x

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