Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Better late than never..

Right so it's been some time since I blogged, Christmas has been and gone as has New Year and also my trip to New York!!

So firstly I will attempt to sum up my trip to New York, it was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On arrival I made my way in a renowned yellow taxi along with a couple of friends to the Australian bar in Manhattan, here the atmosphere was buzzing and the people were almost over friendly. We indulged on beer and cocktails whilst the cricket was being streamed into the bar, not wanting to miss out on the precious hours we had in New York we walked towards Times Square.

Times Square lit the streets several blocks away like a menage we were propelled towards the glaring lights, when we got there I was astounded at the view, it was like walking into to daylight but in the middle of the night. Despite the time becoming rapidly and rapidly later the shops still remained open, when they say the city that never sleeps they really mean it! Wondering through the bright lit streets it was hard to believe that just hours before I was sat in Heathrow airport waiting for the flight to leave.

A brief amount of sleep was had and then a light breakfast and the city was set to be explored. A quick jump on the subway ensured for easy travel all day getting off near central park and strolling to the Ground Zero site which was a surreal experience, and although I didn't go in the museum of remembrance to be at the scene of the falling of the twin towers was humbling. With the carved tribute in the wall with the names of all those service men and women lost their lives making it become more real, its hard to believe that in that site once stood the tallest buildings in New York.

After leaving Ground Zero I was booked onto a Sex and the City tour, we embarked on a 3 hour tour on a coach that took the keen fans to the must-see NYC sites. This included the public library where Big and Carrie (were almost married) and the restaurant where Big and Carrie held there pre-wedding dinner. It was something I would recommend to a group of girls who are SATC mad!

In the evening I went to Pacha NYC, David Guetta was doing a DJ set for Pacha's five year anniversary week. The tickets were very expensive but worth it for the atmosphere, the club was not as big as I expected but was spread over two levels, a balcony on the upper level allowed for people to view the downstairs dance floor. It was buzzing in their but I personally think they allowed too many people in the club as a stages in the night you really couldn't move!

On the Saturday I awoke fresh faced from my night out ready for another day of adventure, I went to visit the Empire State building and after scaling the to the 72ND floor I embarked on going out to the view point. It is the coldest I think I have ever felt, when the wind blew I felt so cold I could of cried, I know this sounds ridiculous but its true. After this I went for a spot of shopping on 5th Avenue/Soho/Canal Street.

After what can only be described as a manic dash from Brooklyn (me and Lucy ended up there by some terrible mistake) to Manhattan we was on the coach to the airport. I actually thought we were going to be stranded in New York and having Kristian standing on that street corner was a welcoming site... I wanted to cry but clearly didn't!!!

But it was a great experience and one I would love to do again, this is a few months delayed due to work commitments but hey you get the idea...

Anyone who hasn't been to New York must go!!!

I am currently writing my next blog piece so it won't be too long a wait for the next one :)

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