Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WAG wannabe, maybe think again..

Imogen caught in super injunction battle.
So a topic that is very much in the public eye right now is the dreaded 'super injunctions'. Imogen Thomas has been exposed to the limelight again, this time for all the wrong reasons as she has been caught having an affair with a high profile footballer.

Having watched both of her exclusive interviews on 'This Morning' it is apparent that what she is going through is very hard to deal with. Coping with the shame of having had an affair, and dealing with it on here own is testing to say the least. 'Mr.X' is not on the scene to talk to or to see due to the severity of this case, so Imogen is left to fight this battle solo with little support.

Imogen claims that the affair lasted for 6 months and she was 'in love' with the man, she is insistent she never wanted any of this to happen and knows that having an affair with not only a married man but also a family man is so very wrong but it cant be undone now.

So who is worse off 'Mr.X' or Imogen? Without a doubt I would say Imogen, not only has she been publicly named and shamed but also put under a gagging order. She cannot reveal the name of the individual involved unless and until the super injunction is lifted, which due to the high profile of the celebrity involved is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Imogen has nothing left to do but to sit and wait and hope the hype around this case will die down in time to come.

Some argue that super injunctions have been given to people very easily in cases such as these. Due to the celebrities involved and the amount of money they are prepared to shell out NO isn't really the answer they are looking for.

However it leaves those less well off who want there name and status protected out in the open to take the brunt of the backlash. While the cowedly and wealthy get to sit back and watch it all unfold, I think the supreme court should discuss and re-establish the uses of the super injunction, and consider the aftermath effect.

All thats left to be said, is that at the end of the day if someone a celebrity or ordinary person has done something wrong then surely they shouldn't be offered protection.. Instead they should be left to deal with the consequences of there actions.

Feel free to add your comments about injunctions, Imogen or any of the above...


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