Saturday, 27 November 2010


This is currently how long my hair has grown to, I am desperately due a cut but I am liking the length for the time being!

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...
The countdown has well and truly began, it is 5 days until I board the plane and fly off to New York, with the hectic workload I
haven't really allowed myself to get too excited about it but as its quick approaching I am becoming very excited.

I leave on Thursday (2nd December) returning on the Sunday/Monday. I have been trying to organise and think about what I will be doing whilst I am out there.

Having never been to NY before I'm planning to do all the sightseeing including the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park, Rockefella Centre, Empire State Building ohh and The Sex and The City Tour!!
I have been thinking about what to pack for my trip to NY, I am trying to pack as light as possible as I want to shop and bring as much back as possible. Bearing in mind I
haven't even started my Christmas shopping I plan to get most of it out there.

I have invested in a couple of essentials for the trip including a fur coat which I have been wanting for a long time now. I managed to find one in a new vintage shop that has just opened up down the road from me in Southampton. I have attached a picture of myself in it, its over sized so I have belted the coat for a more defined waist. However it can be worn loose as well, there is also a picture of it loose.

I will be wearing this coat on the plane to save my suitcase and also for warmth. I have also purchased some black high heels for the trip to NY this is because I haven't got any court shoes that would be suitable at uni for nights out in NY. I managed to find these beauties in TKMaxx, anyone that knows me will know I love TKMaxx and swear by it. I always manage to find different
items in there which your unlikely to see anyone else in.

Along with these items I plan to take a couple of dresses for nights out, one pair
of jeans, my jopper type black leggings, cream cords, several pairs of different tights, a couple of skirts, two blouses, one smart blazer, boots, brogues, going out handbag, jumpers, jewellery and anything else I can think of. This is just a rough list I'm certain more will get added when I actually think about it.

Until I go to NY I have to concentrate on my work and getting as much done as possible, I'm sure I will blog about my purchases and my adventures....

Much love
April x x x x

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