Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Winter's Here...

So as I am writing this I'm currently summing up today and the winter conditions we were forced to experience. Having to be in uni at 9 is hard enough let alone when it feels like you have monsoon rains beating against your window panes. So this morning was dull and dismal and made me want to jet set somewhere hot.

However now winter is here it now means my autumnish wardrobe can be used to its full advantage. I am hoping to invest in some warmer clothes when I venture to New York in under a month so I will do a full winter blog on what I'm wearing after I return. However there are a few items I am lusting over right now. These cord trousers are from boohoo.com and are only £20 the camel colour is very on trend for this season as well! They come in lots of other fabulous colours too!!

I am hoping I get to buy a new
party outfit for Christmas season as I've been looking at what Lipsy have to offer and they have a great range of differently styled dresses. I love this one shoulder Grecian dress, however it does set you back at £65...
Here is a Tiered Bandeau Jumpsuit, I would love to be able to wear this but I am slightly vertically challenged. But I can still lust over it just not wear it unless I suddenly have a growth spurt.

Until next time where I will be blogging about more things to lust over and it won't be such a delayed wait (uni has been pretty hectic so that is why the blogging has lapsed slightly!)...
Much love x x x

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