Sunday, 13 June 2010


Hey I'm a newbie to this blogging, but seeing as I'm studying journalism I thought it would be a good idea to own one of these. I often read blogs and a few in particular I read as often as I can, so I hope I can entertain and engage as those bloggers I regularly follow do.

My life is far from simple, this year has made me realise you can't take anything for granted and everyday in itself is a blessing. I don't want this to sound like my life story but I feel that to understand where I'm coming from it's essential to know what has happened to make me think about life so differently. So here goes.... In March 2010 by boyfriend of 5 years passed away suddenly, I don't want sympathy this is not the reason I've chosen to write it on here I just want anyone who reads this blog to know where I'm coming from.

Hense the name for my blog: Life is Life, because it is what it is, I have been dealt this hand in life and now my only option is to try and continue on with my life. Anyway enough about me and my life, in September I will be entering my second year of university at Southampton Solent studying Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, which I am really enjoying.

I will try and blog as often as is possible or when I have something interesting to share...

Until next time
Much love
April...(it's me in the picture, just incase you wondered sorry for the grumpiness haha!!) x

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